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Upcoming Workshops

We’re happy to share that we have NEW workshops starting in March.
Each of our workshops runs for 6 weeks.

Each workshop explores a different subject, idea and concept.

  • Creative Elements: Starting March 7th, every Thursday at 6pm, explore the foundations of photography, including composition and lighting, for compelling visual storytelling. Learn techniques for portraits, landscapes, and abstracts, enhancing your ability to communicate visually.
  • Color and Design: Beginning March 13th, every Wednesday at 6pm, delve into color theory and design principles. Learn to use color to evoke mood and emotion, and incorporate design elements to create dynamic compositions, making your images pop.
  • Hands-On: Kick off March 8th, every Friday from 12-1PM, with a practical approach to photography. Master camera settings, post-processing techniques, and gain hands-on experience in studio and outdoor locations.
  • to register – send us an e-mail or use our contact forum

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