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Sophie’s vibrant art, From punk scene to tattoo ink, Challenges the norms.

Today’s talk was hosted by Emily Pratt, the host of today’s wonderful event, what’s behind Creative Mornings Tucson? Over 5 years of community involvement, but today all across the world Creative Mornings Chapters were talking about one word, Spicy.

Today’s Speaker, Sophie McTear made a meaningful connection with their community. Sophie emphasized that in the face of scarcity, communities often find ways to collaborate. Her message was crystal clear: what she shared with the community was indeed profound. Hailing from the Punk Rock Scene in Washington D.C. before finding her calling in Tucson, Sophie highlighted the importance of building a metaphorical dish that embodies our finest qualities.

Recognizing that our best qualities are what we can depend on within ourselves, Sophie engaged the audience, eliciting responses about embodying our best selves.


These are the strengths we frequently utilize, the ones we can consistently depend on and manifest. Sophie emphasized that within a community, we safeguard and support one another by sharing and exchanging ideas, fostering connections, engaging in reflection, and more.

Sophie touched upon the pervasive influence of social media, noting how it can sometimes obscure our authentic selves despite its vast accessibility.

Sophie’s involvement in tattooing underscores a shared understanding through illustration. Crafting artwork serves as a conduit for meaningful connections among us.

In closing Sophie shared this valuable statement.
Enjoy your work, be proud of who you are. People see you for your values.

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