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Meaning in Photography

Meaning is not anchored in the traditional dichotomy of artist and sitter but dwells in the shadowy, elusive void at the “invisible center.”

We are drawn into the heart of darkness, where the boundaries blur between observer and observed, where the lines between reality and illusion dissolve. We stand at the precipice of understanding, looking into the void that lies at the “invisible center,” a place where meaning resides not in the clear-cut distinctions of the past but in the shadowy, elusive realm of interpretation and perception.

Are borders, those seemingly immutable lines that separate one from another, truly more steadfast than the ephemeral nature of boundaries? Or perhaps, in their own right, boundaries possess a strength that mirrors that of borders, capable of dissolving into the ether just as swiftly.

Photography, in its essence, is not merely a tool for documentation; it is a medium through which the profound and the mundane, the intimate and the distant, are brought into dialogue. By presenting and re-presenting the internal landscapes of the soul alongside the tangible realities of the physical world, photography invites us to engage with the complexities of our existence in new and enlightening ways. It serves as a conduit for the dissemination of these insights, allowing them to circulate freely among the masses, thereby enriching our collective understanding and appreciation of the human condition.

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