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Don’t lose your users to platforms.

Let’s make it easy to manage how we connect with the web, in the way’s we want to.
We’re launching a new workshop in March.

We’ll demonstrate how to generate access tokens, to make sharing of your social media accounts easy.

Configure channels so they work the way you want.

If you’re an artist check this out, it’s easy to create galleries, clips and groups!
No more jumping from platforms to work on that project.

Join us for an exciting workshop focused solely on building and launching your first gallery. This workshop will start from scratch and gradually introduce you to the intricacies of this powerful tool. With hands-on exercises and practical examples, you’ll gain a solid understanding of webhooks and how they can enhance your website development process.

So, whether you’re looking to establish your own artistic space or simply curious about webhooks, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, and network with fellow artists and enthusiasts.

This workshop is structured in a three hour time block with 15 minute breaks between each lesson so you can rest.

We recommend that you come focus and prepared, minimize the distractions around you for the maximum benefit.

Workshop budget:
$525 for three members.
$900 for six members

The process:
Discovery call: 20 minutes no obligation

Scheduling – 2-4 weeks from your discovery call

Delivery at the end of the workshop.

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